Next-gen Digital Surveillance & actionable analysis

Be it smart traffic management, automatic vehicle ticketing, people counting, loiter detection or facial recognition based time and attendance management for workforce, SYBICA products can help shape up tomorrows smart cities.

Enabling Tomorrow's Smart Cities

With constant innovation approach and supervised Machine learning algorithms, convert raw camera data into real time actionable insights, take actions just in time and make administrative decision making easier.

Smart Traffic

Real time traffic video analysis that could help address traffic management issues.

Smart Ticketing

Automated stop line, over speeding, signal breakage, unauthorized halt enforcement.

Smart Attendance

Contactless facial recognition based attendance systems to track mobile workforce.

Smart Surveillance

Preventive and proactive enforcement using camera's and automated real time alerts.

Smart Offices

Smart access control and enhanced automated security while not compromising personal data.

Smart Stations

Automate transportation, city hospitals with the help of next-gen object detection capabilities.

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