Your Proactive COVID-19 Digital Response


COVID-19 Questionnaire with Contactless Temperature Detection

Help detect customers, employees, students or teachers high body temperature without coming in direct contact, enabled with digital COVID-19 questionnaire and real time mobile alerts. Keep record of findings for Digital Audit purpose.

Effortless Contact Tracing

Digital records for easy contact tracing saving time, money and efforts.

Digital Safety Audit Data

Record daily temperature for audit purpose, up to 300000 records saved.

Safety and Security First

Answer COVID-19 related questions and keep everyone around you safe.

Enhanced Access Control

Reject entry to the premise if High temperature person is detected

Customize Your Logo

Use your logo and brand complete solution to stand out with competition

Optional Safety Features

Add Face Recognition or Mask detection for enhanced safety

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Privacy enabled and completely secure. Deploy in less than an Hour.

For Restaurants

Mobile guest login for your customers to submit quick questionnaire and temperature scan.

For Schools/Day Cares

Allow Access to the premise only if results of Questionnaire + Temperature scan are satisfactory.

For Banks/Stores

Time saving and operationally cost effective way to understand customers COVID-19 status.

Offer your esteemed customers Preventive measures and Employees the confidence that they need. Help keep your students and teachers safe and healthy. Keep track of questionnaire and temperature data to Prevent COVID-19 spread and enabling digital contact tracing.

Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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