Redefine Object Detection and Recognition with us.

Convert raw Camera data into
smart IOT decisions

Enable Industry Agnostic limitless applications and automation use cases with SYBICA’s object detection and recognition technology.

Traffic Analytics

Automated vehicle counting, rules violation detection and penalty/ticket system integration.

Smart City Automation

City management, surveillance and smart building management use cases with smart video analytics.

Audit and Compliance

Enforce Safety gears, maintain automated registry, Manage unattended objects and much more.

Sentiment Scoring

Sentiment analysis for effective advertising, customer satisfaction kind of use cases.

Retail/Marketing Analytics

Visitors analytics, Loitering time, Rush hour stats, Product on the shelf analytics and much more.

Video Forensic Analytics

Analyze videos from the crime scene or inspection areas and enhance forensic abilities.

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Integrate with our easy to code API – Go Cloud or Self-Hosted.

Industry Agnostic

Solve automation problems for any and every industry. Solution that fits needs of all.

Real Time Alerts

Real time notification of the events and anomalies. helps take right decision at right time.

Manage From Anywhere

Multi location support and modular design allows event trigger management from control rooms.

SYBICA edge-AI enabled platform is highly scalable, fast, accurate and privacy protected. Our Enterprise grade architecture assures precision and privacy are not compromised while using our solutions.

Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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