Customer delight through next-gen video analytics

Build better marketing products and services by turning raw video user data into meaningful insights. Engage With The Right Customers Using An AI-Enabled Customer Intelligence Platform. Use Artificial Intelligence to anticipate Needs & Drive Engagement.

Know Your Customers and Visitors

Enable Industry Agnostic limitless applications and automation use cases with SYBICA’s connected consumers suite.

Customer Sentiments

Measure the attention span, display effectiveness and emotions customers feel towards your brand, product.

Audit and Compliance

Enforce automated safety, maintain automated registry, Manage audit alerts and much more.

Walk-in Customer Analysis

Precisely monitor Customer behaviour at store like movement, time spent at rack, product pick-up and more.

Loyalty Program Integration

Achieve customer delight by Discounts, coupons, loyalty points, special offers and much more.

Marketing Effectiveness

Visitors analytics, Loitering time, Rush hour stats, Product on the shelf analytics and much more.

VIP Treatment

Preferential or special treatment for your loyal and high worth customers, Integrate with loyalty programs.

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Integrate with our easy to code API – Go Cloud or Self-Hosted.

Industry Agnostic

Solve connected consumer problems for any and every industry. Solution that fits needs of all.

Real Time Statistics

Real time notification of the events and patterns. Helps marketers take right decision at right time.

Digitally Advanced

Integrate with existing video feed to get important never seen before insights at your finger tips.

SYBICA offers pre-configured or custom use cases where raw video data can be converted into meaningful insights. These insights further help to improve operational excellence, to create customer stickiness and digitally measure store front data points.

Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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