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Who we are

SYBICA is a global company with expertise in digital transformation using next generation technologies . FalconWings our flagship Edge AI enabled object detection platform and platform, provides human emotions detection, access control, attendance management using facial recognition, workforce management, and talent management capabilities in a single solution. Our platform helps you manage the entire employee lifecycle, from recruiting and onboarding, to paying people and developing their careers. Ceridian provides solutions for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to global organizations.

Established in year 2020, SYBICA is creating an industry agnostic easy to deploy platform with latest in the object detection and face recognition technology. Be it object detection or facial recognition at SYBICA we identify moments that matter in real life. We process these moments through our supervised and unsupervised Artificially Intelligent core & generate exclusive insights. These insights are further used to trigger various actionable outputs.

AI for the Planet Earth

We let organizations & homeowners rest assure by providing unique perspective and next generation digital experiences.

SYBICA’s brand promise is “AI for the Planet Earth”. We deliver on that promise by living our values, which are Responsible AI, Industry agnostic behaviour, customer focus, transparency, diligence, optimism, and agility. These values reflect who we are, and serve as a roadmap for how we plan to achieve our goals as an organization.

Together We Win !!!

Customer success is in our culture. It’s how we act, and how we deliver on our brand promise. Following are the set of values that guide our company. Everything that we do is also about our customers’ stories, and how our employees live our values in their daily lives.

Customer Focus

We care about our customers and listen with empathy. We win when they win. Our focus is delivering business engagement, satisfaction and productivity to our customers.


We are open in the way we communicate, interact and work. Integrity and accountability drive our behavior.


Preparation and planning are vital to our success. We establish goals and standards and measure our success against them. We focus on repeatability and reliability.


Optimism is planned behavior that leads to success. It begins with preparation. Preparation leads to knowledge, knowledge leads to confidence and confidence creates success.


We are flexible and innovative. We confront all challenges with enthusiasm. We encourage change to achieve success.

Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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