PHYSICAL, BEHAVIOURAL & EMOTIONAL elements unearthed through an exclusive combination of AI, IoT & BI

Digital Pass

Personal Access and Identity Management through Digital Pass. "YOUR DATA IS ALWAYS YOURS"

Video Analytics

Convert Raw Camera Data into Actionable Inputs. "MAKE CRITICAL REAL-TIME DECISIONS"

Connected Consumer

Unified Customer Experience Combined with AI. "ENABLE NEXT-GEN DIGITAL TRANSACTIONS"

Smart/Safe City

Machine Learning Algorithms to provide "ENHANCED PUBLIC SAFETY & TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT"

Platform Features
  • Works with/without WiFi

  • Privacy at the Core

  • Plug and Play Integration

  • Device Agnostic Design

  • Best in class Accuracy

  • Any Camera Compatible

A truly "EDGE-AI" and "Cloud" enabled "Industry Agnostic" face or object detection and recognition system

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Spot fake faces & prevent photo attacks with the integrated anti-spoofing system distinguishing a live face from a face image.

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Kelly James

32, Female

  • Access & Attendance
  • Lively Indicator
  • Emotion Analytics
  • Behavior Analytics
  • Stress Indicator
  • Vital Health Signs

Unearth the unlimited possibilities of admin, security, operational & business excellence use cases

Health Care
Smart City
Law Enforcement
Retail & Hospitality
Mining & Construction
Border Security
Unmatched Accuracy

Best in class Accuracy in the wild.

Multi Tenancy Support

Central command for multiple locations.

Low Operational Cost

Works with existing camera/IOT devices.

SYBICA edge-AI enabled platform is highly scalable, fast, accurate and privacy protected. Our Enterprise grade architecture assures precision and privacy are not compromised while using our solutions.

Industry agnostic Mobile QR code based COVID-19 questionnaire + Contact-Free Temperature Detection.
All the data at one place without coming in direct contact with employees, customers or students and teachers.

  • RealTime Notifications on Mobile
  • COVID-19 Questionnaire and Temp Logs
  • Privacy Protected Modular Design
  • Encrypted Data for Digital Safety Audit
  • Wall Mount, Table top or Tower option
  • Easy Subscription Model and Plans
Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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