Your Secured, Private and Personalized Digital ID

Introducing, ID system that does not need to save persons facial image and yet provides highest level of accuracy while recognizing the person. Use our future proof Digital ID system to save time and bring efficiency to your security workforce.

Industry Agnostic Digital Pass - an alternate solution for legacy systems

SYBICA’s Mobile App or Edge device based digital pass is meant to replace outdated legacy forms of physical identity including but not limited to plastic cards, pins or passwords.

Time and Attendance

Agile workforce with quick integration to your existing time and attendance management system.

Access Control

Provide facial recognition based automated access to controlled locations, environment or floors.

Personal ID Verification

Used by police or private security to ID persons and match them with government or private records.

Online ID Verification

Integrate with our cloud solution to provide online security to your websites or applications.

Secondary Authentication

Add extra layer of security to banking or critical infrastructure. Improve operational efficiency and security.

Event Authorization

Provide seamless access to your Guest or Visitors. Manage events in smart and efficient ways.

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Integrate with our easy to code API – Go Cloud/On-Premise/Mobile

Mobile Friendly

Download the app and start identifying people with simple backend integration.

Real Time Alerts

Alerts through different means. Optional Central room integration for greater control.

Security and Privacy

Unmatched Security and Privacy, never store any pictures protecting personal data.

With SYBICA, Accelerate true contactless digital transformation. Transition traditional access control systems with contactless facial recognition system.

Solution that works within your network providing best in class privacy. Learn more about our edge device, android/ios application, server and/or cloud based implementations.
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